Top 8 Custom Home Builders in Austin, Texas

Dream Finders Homes

Dream Finders Custom Home
Unbeatable style and luxury
  • They focus on style and function, while giving you the flexibility to choose throughout the process.
  • Insists to get the most out of every dollar you put into the project. They want to give more for less.
  • Dream Finders Homes understand customer service is the only way to rise to the top.
  • “We encourage our customers to compare the finishes that we include with every other builder in the area”…well that’s confidence if we’ve ever seen it!
  • Accolades:
    1. “Recognized in 2011 by the Jacksonville Business Journal as ‘The #1 Fastest Growing Private Company in Jacksonville’.
    2. In 2012 Inc. 500 recognized Dream Finders Homes as the third Fastest Growing Private Building Company in the United States.
    3. Dream Finders Homes has earned 20 Parade of Homes awards from the Northeast Florida Builders Association.”
  • They know where the future of home construction is moving and they are spearheading that movement with innovative designs, a foundation built on customer service tied with experience, and a strive to be the very best. Check out their website you can see they aren’t wrong –

Bella Vita Custom Homes

Breathtaking Design
Breathtaking Design
  • A dull roar of elegance mixed with the strong American tradition exudes every style with these homes. An obvious attention to detail stretches wall to wall.
  • Not many home builders can compete with the style they bring. They are a luxury only few customers can afford but if you can spend the buck you won’t regret it.
  • This company has been built on pillars of integrity, honesty, and quality.
  • Their hard-working builders have the experience to streamline the building process – something that can easily suck money from your wallet back into the project.
  • Bella Vita Custom Homes knows how life changing buying a house can be, so they listen, thoroughly explain the process, and go the extra mile for every you.
  • Want to leave your neighbors in awe as they pass your home? Go with Bella Vita Homes –
  • Sterling Custom Homes
    Sterling Custom Homes
    Custom Home 7798
    • Having over a century of combined experience you know you are in good hands with them.
    • They show you upfront who you will be working with and exactly where in the process they come in – an extremely transparent method.
      1. Duke Mcdowell – President of Sterling Custom Homes, a hometown man with a degree in Engineering with a Construction Option from Texas Tech University. A consultant for 14 of the top 200 builders in the nation. He understands the roller coaster of emotions homebuyers face and passes that message down his organization. His goals connect strongly with his company’s message: to provide dream homes for consumers with the utmost quality while remaining cost efficient. This is done by volume purchasing, establishing years of networking to subcontractors, and the desire to rise above the competition.
      2. Gary Grambley – Vice President of Sales & Marketing, earning his BBA in Accounting from Sam Houston State University. Through his years of experience he realized total customer satisfaction is the only way to be successful in this business. He confidently encourages tedious buyers to call their past clients and ask them about the process, something he considers to be a vital asset. He continuously supports the Make-A-Wish program and helped raise over $12,000 through his marathon run last year (his 7th marathon).
      3. Les Russell – The Purchaser and Estimator. He started working in Central Texas where he….you know what, let’s listen to Les himself instead of me:
        1. Cody Wagner – Construction Manager and with Sterling since 2010. Another Texas Tech alumni, his roots are engrained in the custom building industry as his father is a builder as well. Cody is the man you will find on the construction site – from the start of clearing the lot until the home closes he carefully monitors his partnerships closely. Always glad to speak with the homeowners and is extremely agile for his position. More than happy to change plans at the drop of a hardhat, his ability to listen is what makes Cody an asset to the business.
        2. Christine Mann – Christine’s position may say Customer Selection Manager but consider her a jack of all trades. She will assist you in selecting which home fits your needs, she prepares cookbooks for each customer, updates the online homeowner private login website, and stays connected to the heartbeat of the business by attending weekly construction meetings. She is the Executive Assistant to Duke and supports him by preparing reports for special projects, scheduling appointments, and picking up what Duke can’t cover. The epitome of a team player, you can find Christine all over the playing field.
    • Sterling Custom Homes website –


  • Brookfield Residential
    Brookfield Residential Homes
    Spacious Interiors
    • Success to them means satisfying every client from start to finish. Their character and value are built from the ground up and is with them in every step of the process.
    • They build communities that feel unique and are places everybody wants to call home.
    • Being ahead of the curve in custom planned communities has put them on the forefront of innovative design. This is constant throughout their communities.
    • The focus of every home, balancing work and play, functionality and presence are contributors to how Brookfield Residential envisions their projects.
    • Accolades
      1. D. Power Builder of Excellence Award – Recognized as a Builder of Excellence for providing outstanding service and incredible customer satisfaction.
      2. Alan Norris, President and CEO of Brookfield Residential Properties Inc. was gived the Distinguished Business Leader award by the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary and the Calgary Chamber in 2013
      3. 2012 CHBA Marketing Excellence Award
      4. In 2013 they were awarded one of Canada’s Best 50 Small and Medium Employers for 2013.
      5. Hnoured by the Orange County Register as a Top Workplace for 2012.
    • ‘Honesty, respect, and a commitment to do the right thing’ extend past the customer and to the partners, community, and every entity throughout the process. Doing what they say they are going to do is what makes Brookfield a diamond in the rough.
    • Working with Brookfield doesn’t mean you are just a customer to them – it means you’re family. Join the Brookfield family:
  • Chesmar Homes
    Chesmar Homes in Austin
    Homes Made for the Whole Family!
    • The term “MPG” is what sets Chesmar apart from other builders. M (modern design) P (performance guaranteed) G (green certified). Being held to a higher standard is the only way they conduct business. A high performance home is the way of the future and they provide it to each and every homebuyer.
    • Higher performance means more energy efficiency, lower cost of ownership, a more durable, safe, and healthier home. Check out what it means to be green with Chesmar here.
    • They aim to bring the highest quality of homes to neighborhoods.
    • Understanding the reason behind the purchase is important to them. There are many decisions behind buying a home and Chesmar wants to know what drives them.
    • With purposeful direction they look to create something that fits your lifestyle. Each home will have its memories and each homebuyer needs something different.
    • This isn’t just a job for them – it’s something that they live for. Being passionate for each and every home is why people love their Chesmar Homes.
    • Accolades
      1. Chesmar Homes was named a 2016 Top Workplace by the Houston Chronicle. The amazing thing is they have won it for the past four
      2. Awarded the Home Profile Platinum Award for its customer care procedures.
    • See what Chesmar Homes has to offer:


  • Zbranek and Holt Custom Homes
    Zbranek and Holt Custom Bathroom
    Bathrooms of Luxury
    • Client orientated building and quality construction collide to present a superior option to buying homes in Austin.
    • They understand the impact your home will have on you and stress the importance of choosing the right home builder.
    • Focusing on the small details with the ability to step back and look at the big picture helps ensure homes are built at the correct pace.
    • Professionalism drives one of the values of Zbranek and Holt – to provide a positive and personal experience throughout the whole process. Aspects of building a home are enjoyable, especially when your own creativity can be applied. But when the going gets tough they know how to grind it out.
    • They want you to be actively engaged throughout the whole process.
    • Accolades
      1. Inductee of Austin Builder Hall of Fame
      2. 2 Time National Master Builder of the Year
      3. 6 Time Custom Home Builder of the Year
      4. Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year
      5. 3 Time Austin Business Journal Custom Builder of the Year.
      6. National Best in American Living Award Winner.
    • They don’t just hand these awards out for free – check out why they’ve won so many:


  • Highland Homes
    Highland Homes
    Model Home at 7008 Cardinal Bloom Loop
    • Driven by values that put customers first.
    • Their customers love them and they’re not afraid to show it. The website is plastered with testimonials.
    • They think long term – they plan for increased resale value of customers’ homes.
    • Accolades
      1. Named the 6th best company to work for in the state of Texas by Texas Monthly.
      2. Named the 7th Most Trusted Home Builder in America by an independent study of the 29 biggest homebuilding markets in the country.
      3. The People’s Choice Builder of the Year 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015.
      4. Smart Energy Builder of the Year 2010 & 2011.
      5. Diamond Builder Award from Home Buyers Warranty.
      6. Receives top honor for fifth consecutive year in the 2016 People’s Choice Awards.
      7. Made the top 20 in “The Builder 100 List”.
    • BIG on customer feedback. They use it for future jobs and are constantly improving their logistical process.
    • Highland prides itself in only using ripe locations and plan for communities to fit with their clients.
    • Here is their website if you have any doubt about them:
  • Vintage Estate Homes
    Vintage Estate Homes
    Brilliant Planning and Spacing
    • Proudly focus on flexibility throughout the project.
    • Provide luxurious designs at a reasonable price – without cutting corners.
    • They are family orientated – even though you may not be thinking of kids yet they are.
    • 97% of their customers would recommend them to a friend or family member.
    • They are proud to stamp their name on every one of their homes because they know with the right energy, craftsmanship, and quality materials the job will be done the right way.
    • Known for in the Austin area for cutting edge design and innovation.
    • Energy efficiency plays a big role because they know it will save you money in the long run.
    • They have six core values that govern every project:
      1. Always live by the “get by giving back” philosophy.
      2. Always make our customers number one goal our number one goal.
      3. Always live up to our clients standards as well as our own.
      4. To always be willing to work towards a common good.
      5. To always do what we say we will do.
      6. Always be happy and have fun building our clients the home that they deserve.
    • Check out what it would be like to work with Vintage Homes:

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