Creating Your Own Green Home

Why Green?


Going green isn’t just a catchy phrase for eco-friendly home buyers. There are plenty of reasons for you – and your       wallet – to consider a more Earth-friendly home. Whatever your reason may be the best part of building your own custom home is that you get to decide how green you want to be.

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Look – Solar panels, recycling composts, and low-flow toilets are all great ways to help the environment, but if that sounds like too much for you no worries. There are easier ways to live while helping the planet. On the other hand if that doesn’t even begin to cut it for you then great news:

Going green is on the riseGraph on the rise

The demand for energy efficient homes are spiking (especially in Austin) and not solely because green homes help the environment. Money is still at the forefront of homeowners minds and that’s no different here. Making your home energy efficient cuts down on utility bills (yes, even without solar panels),and helps increase on your ROI.

By joining the likes of others it shows that there is a market for energy efficient technology. The more people can show companies they are buying into the notion that they care about lowering their carbon footprint the more companies are going to spend developing better technology and methods to help cut these costs.

P.S. – check out website – they have lots of quick videos and articles that show why having an energy efficient home is important.